Union endorse Healthy Futures campaign

HealthFutures_Updated-01The Health Services Union Victoria Number 4 Branch (HSU #4) is a proud leader on many issues and understands the need to be a leader on climate change. This is in the best interests of HSU #4 members and also the community.

The HSU #4 condemns the Coalition Government’s derisory policies to tackle climate change. The HSU #4 believes that in the context of this failed national policy, we must reassert our commitment to addressing climate change, and take a clear stand in favour of a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy in Australia.

The HSU #4 notes that many union members are already active on the campaign to divest their personal finances and the finances of institutions around them from fossil fuels.

The HSU #4 endorses the objectives of the Healthy Futures campaign to have HESTA divest from companies involved in burning fossil fuels for electricity generation. The HSU #4 notes that most of its members are members of either HESTA or First State Super.

The HSU #4 accepts the scientific evidence proving that extraction and burning of fossil fuels poses significant risks to human health, particularly in the form of respiratory disease, heart disease and cancers.

The HSU #4 also notes the destructive impact of burning fossil fuels on the health of our environment, principally its contribution to climate change which if not corrected will cause profound and irreversible damage to our environment.

The HSU #4 believes that all superannuation funds have a responsibility to fund members and the global community to review investment strategies by divesting from fossil fuel companies.
To this end, the HSU #4 calls on HESTA and First State Super, Australia’s two largest super funds covering health workers, to divest from all companies whose primary business is the extraction, transportation and/or burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation.

The HSU #4 also calls on HESTA and First State Super to direct future investments into clean and renewable energy production technologies.

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