Assistance while Union works remotely

With the announcement by the Premier that non-essential business activity will be shut down, the Union has made the decision that staff will work remotely beginning 24 March 2020. Staff will work remotely in an effort to reduce the risk of exposure and spread and to comply with the direction being taken by the Premier on the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer.

The Union continues to operate with our staff working remotely. We will continue to offer representation, support and advice to members by ensuring our staff are able to continue working doing most of the things we do normally, including conducting meetings through face-face meetings when needed, telephone and video conferencing, and of course phone and email contact.

If you require assistance please send an email to which will be constantly monitored by our staff.

For industrial advice and assistance:

  • Paul Elliott | | 0418 543 682
  • Rosemary Kelly |
  • Matt Hammond | | 0418 149 261
  • Heidi Brown |
  • Lisa Alcock |
  • Alex Schlotzer |
  • Anastasia Parthimos | | 0423 412 886 (9.00am to 5.00pm only)

For membership related enquiries please contact Anastasia at
For all other enquiries please send your email to

If you find yourself in an urgent situation, for example where your employment is being threatened or you have been stood down, please ring on 0418 543 682

Please rest assured the Union is continuing to work closely with the Government and Health Services to represent you and to make sure your rights at work are protected while you and your colleagues work to address this major health issue.

We will notify members when the office will reopen and we appreciate your understanding at this time.

Paul Elliott