Victoria's Code Brown declaration

Members will have undoubtedly seen the reports about the Victorian Government declaring a “Code Brown. 

The Union has actively been in discussions and briefings with the Department of Health regarding the “Code Brown” declaration. We expressed concerns and strong reservations about the potential impacts and implications for members as the declaration may involve recalls from leave and deferment of leave.

As members can appreciate, our concerns are about making sure your rights at work are not compromised by the declaration. 

At this point, the Union is happy to report, that the Department of Health has accepted that Enterprise Agreement terms and conditions cannot be over-ridden by the declaration of the “Code Brown”. 

The Department has confirmed that any proposed changes will still require consultation with the Union. 

Make sure to get advice from us if you are being told that the Code Brown means you can be directed by management to change how you work, for example rosters and duties, as this is not the case. We have raised our concerns with the Department that some managers will use the Code Brown to force a change they actually don’t have the authority to determine.  

The “Code Brown” will be in effect for between four (4) and six (6) weeks and officially commenced on 19 January 2022.

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