PCM-Australia ImageThe People’s Climate March will be held across Australia on 27-29 November.

With Australia taking a weak plan for climate action and reduction targets that are far too low, it’s urgent that we send a strong message that we want our Government to take a genuine plan to combat climate change to the Paris conference.

The Melbourne march will be at 5.30pm on Friday 27 November.

A coalition of unions, environmental and other organisations is being built to facilitate the march.

Make sure you join the Union’s contingent to help send a message to Australian and world leaders that we want and must take urgent action to avoid a global climate catastrophe. It’s up to us in the health system that know better than most how climate change will have a serious negative impact on the health and lifestyles of all Australians.

You can also help share the news about the People’s Climate March and our call for a stronger plan to combat climate change. If you’re interested in helping spread the word then let us know and we’ll supply you with leaflets and information.

Get more information at: http://www.peoplesclimate.org.au/

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