The Public Sector Agreement outcome

Our new Public Sector Agreement was voted up with 98.5% voting YES! Congratulations!

The next step is for the health services to make an application for the agreement to be lodged with the Fair Work Commission, which we can confirm was lodged last week. The Fair Work Commission will now deal with the application and we expect the new agreement will come into force in around 6 – 8 weeks but until then our current agreement stays in force.

This terrific outcome is a result of the work the Union did in making sure that members were informed about what we secured in the new agreement, when voting started and how they could lodge their vote.

Now that we’ve been able to secure such a strong YES vote it’s vital that we continue to grow our membership. Ask your colleagues to join so that our collective voice is stronger and so they can benefit from everything the Union has to offer like protecting your rights at work, providing Professional Indemnity Insurance and delivering professional advice on workplace issues.

Joining is easy and only takes a few minutes so ask your colleagues to join today at

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Public Sector EBA-Congrats

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