Success at Dorevitch Pathology

We have some terrific news for our members at Dorevitch Pathology – you have a new agreement and it starts today (14 July)! Yes that’s right you have a new agreement!

After spending 12 years working to get the management back to the negotiating table, it took the departure of key people and the increase in MSAV membership for the new agreement to be reached. Senior management at Healius & Dorevitch Pathology came kicking and screaming an acceptance that scientists and technicians are paid 2007 rates of pay and deserve a substantial pay rise. Let’s not forget pathology is the most lucrative part of this company’s different divisions.

Another significant influence over the past year or so has been Dorevitch’s reputation as a poor employer making the Dorevitch brand less competitive particularly in key areas of hiring and retaining staff, especially among graduates.

The new agreement sees a significant increase wages (19% over 3 years) after years of stagnation and we have made sure to update conditions as well. From today our new agreement is in force, which means you will see the adjustment to the new rates of pay on your next pay slip. You will also find your back pay will be included in the next pay period and it will be paid back to March this year.

But it is important to highlight that when members work together, sign up their colleagues to be Union members and stick together great outcomes can be achieved. It was through years of keeping the pressure on Dorevitch Pathology and our members looking after each other in the face of some truly hostile management attacks that we were able to win a new agreement. There is little doubt in our mind that it was the work and persistence of our members that ultimately lead to this great achievement.

And now with the new agreement in place it is vital we continue to build our membership to ensure that our agreement is enforced properly. Increasing membership will also make it easier when we next sit down with management to discuss enterprise bargaining or if we have to enforce our agreement. We are looking forward to having a more productive relationship with Dorevitch Pathology and working with members to ensure our new agreement is properly enforced.

If you have any questions about your new agreement please contact us on 9623 9623 or via email at enquiry[at]

Paul Elliott

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