Over the last couple of months the Union has been running a petition to highlight the growing concerns about public pathology heading for a crisis. And in that time we have generated a lot of interest among Members of Parliament and in the broader community. Plus we now have well over 200 signatures.

This is great news.

But right now we need to step up our efforts to get even more signatures on our petition because in early November we will be presenting our petition to Parliament.

This is our last chance to get as many signatures as we can so the Government has to hear our collective voice to end the contracting out of pathology services; and ensure local public hospitals have fully functioning pathology laboratories staffed with a sufficient number of properly qualified staff.

Download the petition and get your colleagues to sign it. Get your completed petitions to us by 30 October.

If you’ve already signed the petition you can keep making a difference by getting your colleagues and co-workers to sign the petition too.

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