Continuing professional development is something that ensures as professionals in health we are up-to-date with the latest information. And it ensures that skills and knowledge are developed as new research, information or tools are made available.

For VPA members the Union will work with hosts of future Professional Development seminars to record those seminars and make them available through the Online CPD platform either as videos to stream or podcasts to download. And we’re keen to expand the professional development opportunities available to AHP members.

That’s why the Union is investing in its Online Continuing Professional Development platform to recognise your needs for ongoing professional development.

But to make sure that we’re offering the best possible professional development; and the further development you need, the Union wants your feedback on the sort of professional development you’re looking for. With our new online platform we have more opportunities to deliver an extensive range of professional development and we want to make sure it’s what you need.

So get your thinking caps on about the sort of professional development we can offer in 2016 and send us your feedback to enquiry[at]

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