The Medical Scientists Association of Victoria (MSAV) is appalled by the profit motives of Primary Health Care after it announced an increase in profits for the last financial year.

Primary Health Care Ltd is the parent company of Dorevitch Pathology which is currently having its contracts with Latrobe Regional Health reviewed by the State Government. The review will be investigating whether Dorevitch Pathology is complying with contracts and in particular meeting critical pathology quality standards.

Dorevitch Pathology has a track record of sacking scientists and removing pathology testing from public hospitals in Victoria and sending testing to its central laboratory in Heidelberg.

Primary Health Care announced that it would be seeking to expand its pathology business overseas. This is despite one of its wholly owned subsidiaries engaging in troubling practices of sacking scientists and centralising work while gutting the capacity of pathology laboratories in public hospitals in Victoria.

Quotes attributable to Paul Elliott, Secretary of the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria:

“It beggars belief that the CEO of Primary Health Care could say they’re delivering high-quality healthcare when there’s clear evidence to the contrary at every public hospital in Victoria that has contracted Dorevitch Pathology.”

“If Primary Health Care Ltd really cared about delivery high-quality healthcare, the CEO would be investigating the business practices of one its wholly owned subsidiaries, Dorevitch Pathology, that is jeopardising world-class health standards in Victoria.”

“Primary Health Care Ltd owes the people of Victoria an explanation as to why they’re allowing a wholly owned subsidiary to diminish turn-around times for pathology testing to the detriment of patients while claiming to deliver high-quality healthcare.”

“While Primary Health Care Ltd is making record profits, patients in Victoria are suffering a reduction in healthcare standards at the hands of one its wholly owned subsidiaries which has a track record of sacking scientists and removing testing from public hospital pathology laboratories.”

“Before Primary Health Care Ltd expands its pathology operations overseas, it should fix the mess it has allowed Dorevitch Pathology to create in Victoria, which jeopardises quality of healthcare as test turn-around times have increased preventing the timely commencement of treatments.”

“The MSAV is calling on Primary Health Care Ltd to do the right thing by Victorians and ensure its wholly owned subsidiary, Dorevitch Pathology, end its practice of sacking scientists and forcing quality standards downwards. To do otherwise is proof that Primary Health Care Ltd is only interested in profits and not patient care.”

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