No Pay? No Way! Survey 2019

The Union keeps working to fight for increased staff as demands on the public health system continue skyrocketing.

Because of the Union’s continued advocacy around workforce issues, the State Government has become more acutely aware of workload issues, stress related injuries, rostering problems and ineffective management.

To make our advocacy work even stronger, the Union wants to continue building a better understanding of the nature and extent of unpaid work, and more importantly, how unpaid work has changed and the impact it has on you over time.

That’s why the Union needs you take the “No Pay? No Way!” survey.

We know there has been a failure across our workplaces in dealing with the extra work. Instead workplaces try to build an expectation that you’ll just do more and more work in the same amount of time. And in 2019, we know that tens of thousands of hours of unpaid time will be worked to cope with unreasonably high workloads.

Please take a few minutes to do our survey and help us continue fighting to grow our workforces, ease extreme workloads and eliminate stress related injuries.

MSAV members take this survey | AHP members take this survey | VPA Inc members take this survey

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