“No Pay? No Way!” Campaign continues to grow in support

The “No Pay? No Way!” campaign is rapidly growing in support as the Union continues to highlight the growing workforceslider4 issues with an ever growing demand for services offered through public health.

As the Union continues to advocate around workforce issues, the State Government has become more acutely aware of workload issues, rostering problems and ineffective management. The Union has been writing to State Members of Parliament highlighting the devastating impacts that higher workloads and fewer staff are having on the ability of many services to continue running without having to rely on unpaid work.

And the campaign has continued to grow because of the work of people like you, our members, who want the State and Federal government to put more work into addressing the lack of workforce planning. The era of managers relying on unpaid work to keep health services functioning must end.

But to make sure our voices are heard, it’s important that you make contact with your local Member of Parliament. They need to hear you telling them about the growth in workloads, exploding demand for services and the difficulty and stress you experience in getting all of your work done within rostered hours. To truly tackle this growing problem it’s vital more people know about it, especially those people who do something about it – our elected representatives.

Find out how you can continue to support the “No Pay? No Way!” campaign here

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