Continuing education is an important element of any profession, and in many cases is a requirement if you are a registered healthpile-of-books practitioner. The MSAV, VPA and AHP now offer online learning for members at discounted rates. Even if you do not require registration, the courses will help you develop your skills and knowledge to further your career.


CPD Membership Entitlements

Your union membership entitles you to:

  • huge discounts off the regular CPD price
  • free access to the online CPD resource library
  • a free online portfolio where you can conveniently record your CPD learning and development.


Accessing CPD

To access online simply generate a login wih your member number (it is on your card).



Contact the union on 9623 9623 or email if you need more help.

Online CPD is another great reason to be a union member, and like union membership qualifies as a tax deduction.

Disclaimer: The courses offered through the CPD are not necessarily endorsed by the Union and it is the responsibility of members to check each for professional and PD suitability.

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