More on Bargaining at Monash IVF

The Union is aware that Monash IVF management want to organise meetings with scientists in Melbourne.

We expressed our concern to management that the proposed ‘workshops’ were an attempt to try to bargain and negotiate with you directly, put you under pressure to agree with them, and cut the MSAV out of representing you.

We have been subsequently informed that:

  • Monash IVF does not see the workshop proposed as a bargaining meeting
  • Monash IVF’s intent is to take on board any employee suggestions in preparing new classifications to take to the next bargaining meeting to discuss with representatives
  • The actual negotiation of the classifications, or any suggestions from staff, will occur at bargaining meetings.

On that basis – ie that management listens to what you think about the classification definitions that they included in the Agreement that was voted down – then we do not have a problem.

If they try in any way to negotiate with you, do not engage with them and make sure you inform the Union.

Remember the proposition that we put to them was a four level structure – ie Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 with increments/levels – the increments apply with the acquisition of skills and/or annually at a minimum.

The definitions need to be clear and unambiguous so that we don’t get the situation where management have the right to decide on your classification despite your experience and skills.

In general terms the MSAV proposed a four level structure:

  • Grade 1 – New recruits, training provided to achieve competency in basic/routine procedures and laboratory processes and procedures (levels 1-7)
  • Grade 2 – Experienced scientists training provided to achieve competency in advanced/complex procedures (levels 1- 4)
  • Grade 3 – Experienced scientists engaged in specialist work; assists in supervision/training of Grade 1 and Grade 2 scientists; could include supervisor of satellite site depending on size; deputy to laboratory supervisor; troubleshooting; may be a team leader (Levels 1-4)
  • Grade 4 – Engaged on work requiring advanced knowledge and skills; laboratory supervisor; research coordinator (if relevant to Monash IVF) (Levels 1-5)

Please contact Jimmy if you want to discuss or have any concerns on 9623 9623 or at enquiry[at]

Bargaining will continue with Monash IVF and we will keep members informed of the progress.

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