Momentum is building to Keep Blood Safe

The momentum is building to Keep Blood Safe and work is being put into the strategy and tactics for the campaign into 2014.

Our campaign is continuing to attract new supporters each day and the momentum is building to Keep Blood Safe. The Victorian Trades Hall Council is supporting our campaign and has been letting its supporters know about the situation at the Red Cross Blood Service.

Last week the Unions representing scientists in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland met with the Red Cross Blood Service’s management over a range of questions regarding the changes and there were few answers provided. Key questions included those around managing risks associated with reducing the scientific input in blood screening and testing, benchmarking used to justify the restructure and what rosters will be in place once the changes were finalised. Unsurprisingly, management at the Red Cross Blood Service provided little additional information.

It was particularly concerning when the Red Cross Blood Service refused to explain what risk management is in place to ensure the national blood supply is safe, claiming that everything would be alright and that we needn’t worry about it.

It would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

When it came to benchmarking, it was revealed that it was no more extensive than time motion studies. The Red Cross Blood Service informed the unions that it was all about making sure more donations were processed more quickly. It was clear management had put little thought towards the fact that being faster didn’t always mean being safe.

The Union remains firmly of the belief that the organisational changes and the replacement of scientists with unqualified people will lead to a dumbing down of the Blood Service and potentially have a negative impact on the safety and reliability of the national blood supply.

What can you do right now?

During this initial period our biggest success has been to get our friends and family involved in the campaign. They’re our biggest allies and know how dedicated scientists are at the Red Cross Blood Service to giving Australians a safe and reliable blood supply.

So please keep reminding your family and friends to sign and share our petition and to like the campaign’s Facebook page.

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