Mildura Base Hospital Pharmacy Stays Public

A last minute backflip by Ramsay Health Care has seen the pharmacy in the Mildura Base Hospital remain as a part of the hospital with pharmacists remaining employees of the public hospital and continue to be covered by the public health sector enterprise agreement.

Under the new arrangement all current and future staff will remain public sector employees with the only change being that the management of the pharmacy department will now be conducted by Ramsay Pharmacy Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ramsay Health Care.

The first restructure proposal would have had pharmacists transfer to Ramsay Pharmacy Services and covered by a different agreement on lower rates of pay and far inferior conditions of employment. The initial proposal was little more than a Trojan horse to force a new agreement into the pharmacy department and replace our main public sector agreement.

Needless to say, the Union and members are very pleased that public sector wages and conditions of employment have been maintained.

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