HSU Elections

Elections for the Health Services Union #4 Victoria Branch were called in mid-June. The HSU Victoria #4 Branch was due to hold elections for the following positions:

  • Secretary (1)
  • Assistant Secretary (1)
  • President (1)
  • Senior Vice President (1)
  • Junior Vice President (1)
  • Trustee (2)
  • Ordinary Member of Branch Committee of Management (6)
  • Delegate to National Council (3)

Nominations have now closed with the following nominations received:

  • Secretary – Paul Elliott
  • Assistant Secretary – Rosemary Kelly
  • President – Max Cowey
  • Senior Vice President – Victor Reginato
  • Junior Vice President – Jacinta Bleeser
  • Trustee (2) – Peter Brann and Peter Wells
  • Ordinary Member of Branch Committee of Management (6) – Megan Chapman, Shaun O’Connor, Julie King, Maria Bisignano, Cathy Durkin, Eileen Kelly
  • Delegate to National Council (3) – Paul Elliott, Rosemary Kelly, Max Cowey

As these were the only nominations received they have been declared duly elected by the AEC Returning Officer appointed to manage the election. And with these being the only nominations received it’s an indication of the quality of the people who nominated that they stood unopposed. It shows that the Union has a strong leadership team putting the rights, conditions and professions of our members first and foremost.

Congratulations to the new leadership team for the Health Services Union #4 Victoria Branch.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra Feleppa for her years of dedication and commitment as a member of the Branch Committee of Management.

The declaration of the election for uncontested offices can be found here.

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