Climate change is no longer something that is an existential threat that only climate scientists discuss. Climate change is real and it is already having an impact.

We’re already witnessing increasing number of extreme weather events along with fire seasons starting earlier and lasting longer. And we’re witnessing longer periods of extreme conditions like more days above 40 degrees.

These extreme weather events and conditions are having an increasingly profound impact on people’s health. And it means that there will be a subsequent impact on our health services as more people are seeking medical attention due to weather extremes. And as we continue to fight for more staff and greater understanding of the importance of our disciplines to the entire health system, the increasing impacts on climate change will stretch our healthcare system even more, and it’s already at breaking point.

It’s vital that as health professionals we make our voices heard about ensuring there is a strong, universal health care system. It’s vital that as health professionals we continue to fight for a health care system that is able to cope with the ever increasing demands place on it. But if we really want to do something about it then we have to be part of the solution.

You know like we do that Australia must take drastic action to reduce its emissions if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. And as health professionals we know that we can do so much more in our workplaces.

Because climate change is Union business, the Union is considering what measures and initiatives we can discuss with health services, as well as what the Union can do itself as an organisation. It’s also why the Union is supporting the…

People’s Climate March – Melbourne

The People’s Climate March will be held across Australia on 27-29 November.

Over that weekend, People’s Climate Marches will take place in hundreds of major cities around the world with the goal of creating a massive mobilisation to call for real action on climate change. And it comes at a crucial time when the world’s leaders and diplomats are in Paris to negotiate the kind of cuts and assistance required to make deep cuts in our emissions.

The Melbourne march will be at 5.30pm on Friday 27 November.

A coalition of unions, environmental and other organisations are working together to ensure the march is a massive success.

Make sure you join our contingent to help send a message to Australian and the world’s leaders that we want and must take urgent action to avoid a global climate catastrophe.

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