Bargaining at Cabrini – It’s Time to Vote

SigningCabrini management have finally put a draft agreement to you for a vote. The recommendation from the union is to vote “yes”.

Most of the changes are positive, with only one identified negative change

What’s in the offer?

As previously advised, the offer contains the following:

  • Agreement to expire 1 October 2017
  • Pay rises of 1.5% from 1 October 2015 (in addition to the 1.5% already received) and 3% from 1 October 2016
  • A greater range of certificates from Health Professionals in case of illness (any AHPRA certified professional)
  • Domestic violence leave of 5 days per annum
  • Laundry allowance for those staff required to wear uniforms (backdated to date of requirement to wear uniform)
  • Improved PD arrangements (pro rata leave for all part-time staff, increase in allowance to $700 and $900 per year for full time staff, $420 and $600 for part-time staff working 0.6 or less))
  • Car parking charges to be capped at a max of $2 per day with increases to be no more than CPI
  • Slightly better definition of part time worker providing greater security around rostering

The negative

There is one change that Cabrini have included that would be regarded as a negative:

  • Capping statutory declarations for personal leave at two per year.

Other changes

In addition, there has been much reformatting of the agreement – correcting typos and other errors from the previous agreement – and moving content from appendices at the back of the agreement into the body of the agreement. These changes are neutral in nature and do not impact on entitlements but contribute to making the agreement more readable and accessible.

On balance, we believe that the offer is quite acceptable

What’s next?

An electronic ballot of all employees covered by the agreement will be conducted between Monday 29 August and Wednesday 31 August. The MSAV encourages you to vote YES

Got a question? Contact Matt Hammond on 9623 9623 if you’d like to chat about it.


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