This year is going to be a big year for the Union.

With the new Public Health Sector agreement now in force, the Union will be actively monitoring the compliance with the new agreement.

Since its approval we have noted some public health services thinking they can pick and choose what they will comply.

An element the Union is keenly monitoring, arising from our new Public Health Sector agreement, is the roll out of the recruitment for the agreed increases in psychologist and pharmacist numbers.

The Union will be vigorously pursuing this matter to ensure that there are more workers in our public healthcare system to help ease some of the massive workload issues.

Enforcing our agreements is a significant part of our work.

By reporting workplace issues, the Union can better monitor compliance with our enterprise agreements and identify any trends of concern at a particular health service or if they are across multiple health services.

That’s why it is important that members report workplace issues to the Union.

This is a great opportunity to let Public Health Sector members know that we have posters and leaflets to promote the new agreement and key benefits from it.

You can help let your colleagues know about the new enterprise agreement by putting up posters and leaving leaflets in your tearoom.

If you want to help, please contact Alex on 9623 9623 or at to arrange delivery of materials.

2023 also sees the Union continue negotiations for new agreements in the Community Health Sector and with a number of employers in the private sector.

While it’s already February, it’s never too late to sort out some life admin.

Members can keep personal information up to date through the Member Portal.

Maybe you have an issue at work you need advice or assistance with? You can lodge a support request through the Member Portal – you’ll find the Professional Indemnity Insurance letter there too.

Our office is humming again and we’re looking forward to the challenges ahead.

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