Special Membership Offer for Melbourne Pathology Scientists & Technicians

For over 50 years the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria has been representing medical scientists and technicians, achieving significant advances in pay, general conditions and professional benefits.

Enterprise Agreement negotiations have reached a critical point. Scientists and technicians need to have a powerful voice to ensure the best outcome on wages and conditions.

Joining the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria means having someone on your side fighting for better working conditions and making sure your rights at work are protected. There are lots of great benefits to joining like Professional Indemnity insurance; access to legal and financial services; discounted travel and accommodation plus much more.

You’ll also be joining with thousands of others who benefit from our collective strength. More members means a more powerful voice.

The Medical Scientists Association of Victoria is the only union that looks after your interests at work so join up today!

The Membership Offer

The membership offer is $5 per week which will be deducted on a monthly basis (making the monthly deduction of $20 per month) until the date of the first wage increase at which point the membership rate will revert to the normal membership rates that apply for the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria. This offer is made on a limited time basis and only applies to membership applications for new members.

Join right now – download and send back the membership form.

Got questions? Contact us on 9623 9623 or at enquiry[at]msav.org.au