COVID-19: Your Rights at Work

On this page you will find the advice issued by the Union about your rights at work during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Overtime Advice – 20 March 2020

Entitlements Advice – 20 March 2020

As advised in STAT Report – 27 March 2020

Being told to get a medical certificate: 

Members have been reporting that they are being asked to provide medical certificates to prove they don’t have COVID-19. There is no industrial, medical or logical basis for your employer to make this demand; and they cannot direct you to have a consultation with your, or the employers’, health practitioner.

If you are asked to get a medical certificate to prove you are free of COVID-19 please contact the Union as soon as possible on 9623 9623 or at

Here’s the Union’s advice for members at St John of God:

SJoG is providing ‘special paid sick leave’ in the event a worker is required to undergo a period of self-isolation in accordance with Australian Government Department of Health’s guidelines. This paid leave is in addition to workers’ existing paid personal (sick/carers) leave entitlements. And, if a worker is required to self-isolate following travel, SJoG will also provide special paid sick leave. However, SJoG is encouraging workers have regard to the Governments travel advisories. If a worker subsequently becomes unwell and is declared unfit for duty, this special paid leave will cease and workers will be able to access their existing leave entitlements.

Regardless of whether you work in the public, community or private health sectors, should you find yourself having to be isolated whether at the direction of your employer or due to contact outside of the workplace, please contact the Union as quickly as possible on 9623 9623 or at

Workplace Health and Safety:

It is first and foremost the responsibility of your health service to provide you with a safe and healthy workplace, which includes:

  • properly and responsibly staffing to appropriate levels
  • managing workloads when service demands surge
  • providing personal protective equipment
  • enforcing social distancing requirements

It is also your employer’s responsibility to provide you with information about how your health service is responding and how they are going to keep your workplace safe and healthy.