Member rewards

By becoming a member of the MSAV, VPA Inc or AHP you can access a great range of additional benefits. And they’re not just about making sure your salary and working conditions are protected.

We have a range of benefits from assistance with WorkCover claims to discounted travel and low cost banking. Check out your rewards for joining the MSAV, VPA Inc or AHP.

Salary and Working Conditions

Maintenance of your salary and working conditions in an environment of changing laws is the aim of your union.

Enterprise Agreements

Your union will negotiate with your employer to secure the best deal for you and monitor the employer’s compliance with the law.

Unfair Dismissal

Call the union office if you feel that you have been unfairly treated. We can represent you and your costs may be covered by professional indemnity.

Free Advice

You can obtain assistance on any matter by speaking to the MSAV, VPA Inc, AHP representative in your area or calling the MSAV, VPA Inc or AHP office on 9623 9623, 9623 9625 or 9623 9624 or fax 9663 8109 or send an e-mail to us at or or

Equal Opportunity

The MSAV, VPA Inc and AHP are committed to pursuing equal opportunity for all workers in the health industry. Equal opportunity is your legal right.

Assistance with WorkCover Claims

Members can access the services of Union Assist for help with WorkCover ISSUES at no cost. Get more information about Union Assist here

Workplace Health and Safety

Your union arranges training of OH&S reps. It is your right to work in a safe environment.

Professional Indemnity

Membership includes professional indemnity insurance of up to $5,000,000 in any claim (and $10,000,000 in any year) giving peace of mind in times of medico-legal litigation. The policy includes a number of extensions, including employment-related legal insurance. Find your self needing to access professional indemnity or want more information? Contact the Union as soon as possible.

Financial Advice

Unions recognise that it is difficult for members to know where to go when seeking financial advice.

Some members of the MSAV and VPA use the services of Unified Financial Services (UFS). Michelle Tate-Lovery, the principal of UFS, has a lot of experience in advising employees in the health industry. For more information go to

Members should note that this information does not constitute an endorsement by the MSAV, VPA Inc or AHP of any particular adviser or of advice given by any of these advisers. Neither the MSAV, VPA Inc or AHP accepts any responsibility for any loss suffered by anyone in connection with or reliance upon any such advice.

We recommend that members make their own inquiries regarding the services and fees of financial advisers.

Industry Fund Services

Great Financial Outcomes for Union Members

Industry Fund Services (IFS) is Australia’s leading provider of specialist financial products, services and support for Industry Super Funds and unions. It is fully owned by a number of key Industry Super Funds, and was established to help the members of Industry Super Funds to achieve the best financial outcomes.

Union Shopper

MSAV, VPA Inc and AHP members have access to Union Shopper, a 100% union-owned organisation that utilises the collective bargaining power of unions across Australia to provide great benefits and savings to members and their families.

Major products and services include:

  • Electrical & white goods,
  • Motor vehicles & accessories
  • Computers, camera & office equipment
  • Insurance & professional services
  • Travel & accommodation
  • Leisure & entertainment
  • Gifts & shopping
  • Food & drink
  • House & garden
  • Personal, health & beauty
  • Sports, fitness & hobbies

Union Shopper strives to save members as much as possible through sheer buying power, and we encourage all members and their families to take advantage of the service as often as possible.

To find out more about the Union Shopper service simply visit or contact by phone on 1300 368 117.

Sign up to receive Union Shopper’s regular emailed newsletters and updates, and ensure that you are the first to hear about exclusive competitions and special offers.

HESTA Super Members Health Plan

Super Members Health Plan is underwritten by GMHBA Limited which has been providing Australians with the right choice for those seeking high quality, affordable health cover since 1934. GMHBA has established an enviable reputation for providing our members with relevant and contemporary selections of Hospital and Extra covers at very competitive contributions. HESTA has appointed the fund as the preferred provider to their members.

Medical Centres that Bulk Bill Union Members

Metropolitan Medical Centres 380 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Tel: (03) 9347 7711

Unident Dental Services

Unident offers discounted dental services to Union members and their immediate families through a network of participating dentists in Melbourne and country Victoria. There is no fee for the initial examination and a fee schedule is available upon request.

To locate your nearest participating dentist, simply call the Unident on (03) 9822 8986 with details of your MSAV, VPA Inc, AHP membership.

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