Union passes resolution on Palestine

HSU #4 Branch Committee of Management believes in the right of Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and security within recognised borders and condemn all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism.

We believe in the importance of international law in ensuring that the human rights of all peoples are protected.

We express our deep concern at the Israeli government’s actions against the Palestinians which contravene international law, violate the human rights of Palestinians and work against the securing of a long term peace. We are deeply concerned at the plight of the 6 million Palestinian refugees who are living in impoverished camps throughout the Middle East, stateless and homeless, denied the right to return to their homes by the Israeli Government.

We call on Israel to recognise the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and also call on it to adhere to international law and UN resolutions:

  • by complying with UN resolution 242 which called for an end to the military occupation of the West Bank;
  • by lifting the blockade of Gaza which is creating a severe humanitarian crisis for 1.9 million people;
  • by demolishing the illegal ‘separation wall’ which annexes Palestinian land;
  • by ceasing illegal settlement building;
  • by ending arrest and detention without trial;
  • by complying with UN resolution 194 which called for the right of return by Palestinian refugees to their homes or just compensation in lieu thereof.
  • By recognising the right of Palestinians to join independent trade unions wherever they are employed within Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Until Israel meets the above standards, we resolve to offer our full support to the international Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions campaign as one way that the international community can contribute towards a peaceful resolution of the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict. We resolve to support consumer boycotts of companies which assist in, or profit from, the occupation of Palestinian territories.

This Committee further determines that this Branch of the HSU seeks the support of the HSU National Executive and the ACTU for this resolution and further, we call upon the ACTU to develop a policy in support of BDS in consultation with its affiliates, for adoption at the next ACTU Congress.

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