Time to Renew your Membership

It’s that time of year again to renew your membership. We’ve already sent out the notices about renewing your membership; and like last year we’ve again sent you the notices via email. It’s quicker and cheaper than sending you the notice via snail mail.

If you haven’t seen the notice to renew your membership then check your SPAM folder and if you don’t find it there then get in contact with the Union asap on 9623 9623 or via email at enquiry[at]msav.org.au

If you’re based in Monash Health, we’re sad to say we’ve been having problems sending you emails for the past couple of months. But we’re working hard to resolve the issue with the cooperation of Monash Health.

Here are the rates for the next financial year:

  Full Time Part Time Sessional Non-Working
MSAV $642.80 $385.50 $198.00 $86.00


  Full Time Part Time Sessional Non-Working Student Private Practice
VPA Inc $642.80 $385.50 $198.00 $86.00 $32.50 $292.80


  Full Time Part Time Sessional Pre-Registration Non-Working
AHP $634.60 $395.80 $156.90 $114.60 $86.00

*The membership fees for AHP members are slightly higher than usual due to the Union securing Pharmacy Board of Australia-approved Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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