Lend your voice as we tell Australia about the damage of planned funding cuts to health and medical sciences.

In 2015, union members all across Australia will work millions of hours of unpaid time.

With huge cuts to health and medical science spending announced in the Federal budget, these unworkable conditions look set to get much, much worse.

As workloads continue to grow without the required increases in staff, the pressure is mounting on already over-worked and stressed Australian workers.

The WE ARE UNION campaign run by our Trades Hall is about people from all industries standing together to protect our rights at work and tackle important issues facing all workers.

Together with people from other unions, members just like you regularly get together in the community to speak with people about attacks on funding vital health, science and education services.

Members are already joining in, speaking to the community about issues facing the future of hardworking Australians. You don’t need experience – this is about amplifying your voice!

Go to WEAREUNION.ORG.AU sign up as a volunteer and a fellow union member will be in touch to tell you more.

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