A big thank you to all psychologists who joined the VPA AGM and PD session last week.

We’re excited that the VPA Committee has grown and that we have: representation from Community Health, more representation from regional members, and representation from almost all psychology classifications! These are all great things.

Members also heard from Dr Ali Crichton, Senior Neuropsychologist and Clinical Coordinator of VicFAS, which was a fantastic session.

Your VPA Committee is now:

President: Megan Chapman (RCH)

Secretary: Lisa Alcock

Vice President: Daniel Simsion (Forensicare)

Treasurer: Jacquie Evans-Barker (Grampians)

(Extra) Ordinary Members: Viv Lebnan (LRH)

  • Ella Sexton (Peter Mac)
  • Helen Jeges (LRH)
  • Emma Salt (EACH Community Health)
  • Ania Krysztofiak (Monash)
  • Sam Splatt (Barwon)
  • Jodie Wilson (South West Healthcare)
  • Anastasia Sagris-Desmond (Connect Community Health)
  • Dave Reid (RCH)

Other take aways from the VPA AGM include:

We are so proud of what the VPA has achieved in the last 2 years.

We are a small, but mighty union.

We stand up for each other; we share information, and we use that information to work as a collective to support our profession.

Solidarity Psychologists!

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