The Union is advocating for members to vote NO to the Melbourne IVF agreement. Why? Because the proposed new classification structure is simply smoke and mirrors. It is NOT a new career path.

A NO vote will enable us to get back to the negotiations again – specifically around the proposed new structure. Remember, the Counsellors voted down the first agreement that went to vote, and then successfully negotiated improvements.

What is wrong with the MIVF proposal?

MIVF proposes to create 5 Grades of Scientists within the existing 3 Grades

  • Grade 1 scientists (now called Graduate Scientists) will lose 3 increments – which means MIVF stands to save up to $140.00 per week per scientist (plus the EBA increases). It’s a really neat trick – cut 3 steps out of Grade 1 (graduate scientist) and save $140 + per week – all in MIVF’s pocket
  • Grade 2 scientists (now called Scientists) will be paid no more than the existing Grade 1 rates for the first 3 years – and get only one increment above existing Grade 1 rates
  • Grade 3 scientists (now called Senior Scientists) will be receive less at all year levels than under the current EBA rate for Grade 3 – highlighted in aqua below
  • Experienced supervisors will get nothing out of the restructure!

And MIVF management are well aware that it is a dodgy deal.

Vote NO to a deal that puts money into MIVF’s pocket but not into yours.

Do not rely on your colleagues to vote NO. If you don’t vote there is a chance that the agreement will be approved – the test is that a majority of those who vote must vote for the agreement, so each NO vote really counts.

As a member of the Union you should have already received an email giving additional details around why you should vote No.

If you didn’t receive our email please contact the Union as soon as possible on 9623 9623.

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