The Better Path Plan

Pathology is a key scientific service in delivering Victorians world-class health care.

It is complex pathology science that doctors and specialists rely on to make a diagnosis and to find treatments. Pathology is vital to help make sure that the treatment your doctor or specialist has prescribed is actually working. It’s also the medical scientists in pathology that cross-match blood for life-saving transfusions.

Pathology Blood Banks keep critical clinical services such as accident & emergency, surgery and obstetrics functioning through routine and emergency periods.

Privatising pathology services has caused deterioration in the standards of pathology science for public hospitals. Delays in getting results to critical tests, which adversely impact on quick and timely clinical diagnosis or treatment, has become a permanent feature of privatised pathology services.

At every turn the Victorian Government has cut funding to the health system with little regard for the actual workforce needs of Victoria’s health sector. And with the increasing attacks on budgets, and efforts by hospital managements to do more with less, more medical scientists are walking away. High turnover is now directly impacting on the standard of pathology science practised.

It’s pretty simple to work out – No Medical Scientists = No Diagnosis + No Treatment.

The Better Path Plan has three components that are fundamental to restoring pathology services and ensuring pathology continues to be a strong and vital part of the healthcare of Victorians.

  1. Monitor and enforce existing contracts for private pathology services in public health services like hospitals.
  2. Return pathology services to the public sector where they have been privatised.
  3. No new contracts to be entered into for pathology services with private providers.The Union is calling on all candidates at this year’s State Election to sign our Better Path Plan pledge to show their commitment to having world class healthcare underpinned by strong, public pathology services.

TAKE ACTION: Make sure our Better Path Plan is on the agenda for the State Election – send your email today!

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