The Andrews Government is currently undertaking consultation on the sort of health system Victoria wants created over the next 20 years. The Government has released a discussion paper, “Health 2040”, that outlines some of the challenges facing Victoria’s health system including:

  • An ageing population
  • Lifestyle choices and behaviours that contribute to higher levels of chronic diseases
  • Disparities and inequalities in health outcomes for certain population groups
  • People’s changing needs and expectations
  • Unprecedented financial constraints

The Government wants to create a vision for Victoria’s health care system and wants to take advantage of advances in science, technology, models of care, system governance, citizen engagement, funding and accountability mechanisms.

According to the Government, this work will complement the work they are doing on developing the 10 year Mental Health Plan.

The Government is very interested in getting responses to their “Health 2040” discussion paper. The Union is preparing a submission in response to the discussion paper and it will focus primarily on workforce planning; concerns about the growth of super clinics; and public pathology.

But as the Government is seeking responses to its discussion paper, the Union strongly encourages members to make their own submission. By adding your voice you’ll be contributing to developing a strong vision for Victoria’s health care system over the next 20 years.

Download the discussion paper at

You can send your written response to or use the web-form on the Health Reform website. If you prefer send, your submissions directly to us so that we can either incorporate them in our submission or attach them.

If you make a written response please share it with the Union at so we can make our response as strong as possible.

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