Last week, tens of thousands of women and non-binary people in Iceland, including the Prime Minister, are taking action to tackle the gender pay gap and gender-based and sexual violence.

Iceland has consistently been considered a world leader in battling the gender pay gap. However, in some professions, women still earn 21% less than men, and more than 40% of women have experienced gender-based or sexual violence in Iceland. Moreover, women report that jobs traditionally associated with women’s work like cleaning, child care, age care, continue to be undervalued, underpaid and not appreciated.

At least 25,000 people are expected to attend events and strike from paid and unpaid work, to fight to improve the working conditions of women in Iceland.

The strike is calling for the gender pay gap to the closed by publishing wages of workers in female dominated professions, and for real action against gender-based and sexual violence.

Our Union absolutely stands in solidarity!

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