From food to petrol to electricity to flights: prices everywhere are skyrocketing. As are corporate profits and executive salaries and bonuses.

It is clear big business are gouging working people. It has to stop.

Professor Allan Fels, AO is leading a public hearing where he’ll hear about the impact of price gouging on working people and what can be done to address it.

During the hearing, Fels will hear stories from individuals who are just a few of the millions of Australians around the country that are struggling with the cost-of-living.

Last month, the ACTU launched an Inquiry into price gouging by big business in Australia, chaired by Professor Allan Fels AO, an eminent Australian, prominent economist and the former chair of Australian competition and consumer commission (ACCC).

Professor Fels AO will use his years of experience as a regulator to consider the extent of price gouging of essential items on working people.

The Inquiry will take submissions by experts, organisations and the public concerned by the potential impacts of price gouging.

Make your own submission here:

The Inquiry will also hold public hearings across the country to hear about the potential impact of price gouging on working people and on what can be done to address it. Tomorrow’s hearing is the first to take place, in Melbourne.

If you want to make a personal submission, you can submit them at:

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