Paying lip service to professional supervision

news3Professional supervision is an essential element for every member of the VPA Inc. And while professional supervision is essential, far too many health services seem to pay it lip service, declaring its importance while denying access to it.

There have been many examples where health services have flatly refused to ensure that psychologists have access to professional supervision. It gives members the opportunity to debrief with senior colleagues, seek guidance on complex issues and ensure that they’re able to maintain the highest professional standards. It’s not something that is done for the sake of doing it; there are recognised professional and clinical benefits to having professional supervision.

In fact our public sector agreement even makes mention of professional supervision.

Under our agreement psychologists are entitled to be provided with regular professional supervision by a psychologist on a higher grade. But if there is no-one in the organisation on a higher grade to provide professional supervision, then the organisation will provide external professional supervision.

We know how important professional supervision is to you so if you’re having problems accessing it please contact the VPA Inc. on 9623 9625 or via email at

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