Our Climate, Our Health

Health professionals launched the Our Climate, Our Health campaign in Parliament House in June. Like you, the Union knows that climate change is union business and that’s why we’re part of the Our Climate, Our Health campaign.

As part of the launch of the campaign, health professionals from around Australia asked Labor, Liberals, and Greens to support the Framework for a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-Being and take action on an issue that is already affecting millions of people in Australia and worldwide.

It’s thanks to your support and advocacy that the Greens and Labor have committed to implement a Climate, Health and Well-Being policy.

This is a huge step toward addressing the devastating effects of climate change on health that we are already witnessing, such as thunderstorm asthma, worsening heatwaves, and more extreme weather events.

But there is still plenty of work to be done.

The Federal Government is still failing to take action on climate health, and most Liberal MPs don’t believe the science behind climate change.

The only thing that is going to push this government to action is an army of health professionals and members of the community speaking up. With your help, we can reach every member of Parliament and tell them we want them to act now to protect our health from climate change.

Will you join? Visit http://www.ourclimate-ourhealth.org.au/

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