NPAAC consultation on Requirements for the Supervision of Medical Pathology Laboratories

The Union has received notification from NPAAC about public consultation being open on the draft publication “Requirements for the Supervision of Medical Pathology Laboratories”.

There is a very tight timeline for making submissions, with submissions closing on 21 March. The NPAAC will accept late submissions but will not consider them as part of the consultation process.

It is important that the Union makes a submission.

You can find the documents for the public consultation at:

Meeting to prepare Union Submission:

The Union will be holding a meeting of scientist members on 18 March at 3:30pm at the Union’s offices in Carlton to further discuss the Union’s submission and to consider the feedback received by 14 March.

If you’re interested in giving your feedback to the Union or wish to attend the meeting of scientist members to help prepare our submission, contact us on 9623 9623.

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