No Pay? No Way! Survey 2015 Snapshot

no_pay_no_wayThe results from our “No Pay? No Way!” Survey 2015 show that workloads are continuing to increase, adding to the already excessive workloads reported in the 2014 survey results. And sadly the results from the Survey will not necessarily surprise or shock anyone working in the Sector.

Here is a snapshot of the outcomes from the latest “No Pay? No Way!” Survey:

Unpaid Work

  • More than 80% have done unpaid work in the last 12 months
  • Nearly 80% are doing unpaid work on a daily and weekly basis


  • 85% are doing unpaid work on their own initiative because of being unable to complete tasks in ordinary hours – 71% are doing unpaid work because the department is understaffed
  • 89% of unpaid work is performed after rostered hours and 77% is being performed through meal and rest breaks
  • 90% agree that workloads have increased over the last 12 to 24 months with 79% saying this was due to increase in demand for services

Non-replacement of staff

  • 87% said there is not sufficient staff to cover the workload when staff take annual leave or sick leave
  • 52% said they had been refused leave due to understaffing
  • If unplanned absences occur 94% said staff are required to pick up the work of the absent staff member(s)
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