This week we held the Annual General Meetings for the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria and the Health Services Union Victoria #4 Branch. During the Annual General Meeting for the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria, elections for office-bearers were held.

I want to thank members for their support in electing me the new Secretary for the Union. It’s an honour to have your support.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Paul Elliott for his support, encouragement and guidance over the years and especially in putting myself forward to be Secretary.

I know I have big shoes to fill following on from Dr Rosemary Kelly and Paul Elliott, however I will work with members to continue to deliver for members. As a lifelong unionist, I know the importance of our work and how it can have a profound impact on the lives of members.

Our work is especially vital with cost-of-living pressures rising and members under very real pressure at work with mounting, significant workloads as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The new leadership team will continue to be accessible to members. We will continue to be fierce advocates for members and ensure that members’ issues are raised at every opportunity, regardless of who is in government.

We will work on how we can increase our reach among members and how we communicate with non-members about the importance of joining the Union.

We are steadfast on ensuring the Union delivers the best outcomes for members in bargaining and that we remain fierce advocates for members, protecting and extending your rights at work.

Late Thursday afternoon we were informed that there was overwhelming support for the new Public Sector Agreement. It gives us great pleasure knowing it received such support given how much effort and time it’s taken to get to this point.

With the new agreement receiving overwhelming support, the final step before it comes into effect is to get the approval of the Fair Work Commission.

We’re hopeful that the new Public Sector Agreement will be approved quickly given the median time for approval of agreements by the Fair Work Commission is approximately 15 days. Given what we have been through over the past couple of years negotiating the new agreement we won’t hold our breath.

However, we will keep member informed about the Fair Work Commission approval process.

This is a great opportunity to highlight that bargaining for a new Community Health Agreement has commenced. The first meeting to discuss the Log of Claims is taking place next Wednesday 2nd November.

We will provide members with regular updates in Union Round Up.

Bargaining continues in a range of workplaces, and we will keep members updated on the progress of those negotiations.

Be sure to keep an eye out on future editions of STAT Report for those updates.

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