LRH leadership complicit in diminishing pathology standards

easter_entitlementsMore evidence has come to light showing the leadership at Latrobe Regional Hospital were very aware of the impact that Dorevitch’s poor turn-around-times for tests were having on the hospital, including the Emergency Department.

The Union has received new information that shows clearly, and unequivocally, that the CEO of Latrobe Regional Hospital had strong concerns about the inability of Dorevitch to meet the turn-around-times set out in their contract. It has also come to light that senior staff in the Emergency Department were very concerned about delays in turn-around-times for troponin tests.

But instead of insisting that Dorevitch meet the standards required by the hospital, the LRH leadership decided to lower the standards. LRH leadership changed the turn-around-times standard required of Dorevitch, which has inevitably lead to longer delays in getting test results. And without test results it’s not possible for treating clinicians to begin treatment.

In effect, LRH’s leadership decided it was more convenient to lower standards of healthcare in the Latrobe Valley then enforce their contract with Dorevitch. And it is another reason why the Union strongly resists any and all efforts to outsource and privatise pathology laboratories in public hospitals.

The Union will continue to press the Andrews Government to make sure public hospitals stop outsourcing and privatising vital clinical services in our public hospitals.

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