It Pays to Belong: MSAV secures outstanding Entitlements at the Alfred Hospital

Alfred Health has finally confirmed that loading should have been paid on the extra week of annual leave for shift workers.

After the Union intervened, Alfred Health conducted an audit and found that the loading for the extra week of annual leave had not been paid for the past 18 months. Anyone who does regular hours on a weekend and accrues extra annual leave will have been affected by this.

Those members who have been identified as being impacted by the failure of Alfred Health to pay the loading on the extra week of annual leave should see adjustments in their next fortnightly pay.

According to information the Union has received, the extra leave will be pooled together with annual leave, which presumably will show up on payslips. If you’re affected by this and don’t see any adjustments in your pay make sure you contact the Union as soon as possible so it can be resolved.

While it might have taken longer than we hoped to secure the payment of this entitlement, it’s another very good example of why it pays to belong to the Union.

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