International Day for Women and Girls in Science

February 11 (today) is International Day for Women and Girls in Science and it’s something the Union strongly supports. Unfortunately, across the world, including here in Australia, there are not nearly enough women and girls taking up science.

There are significant barriers to their participation in the sciences. We know that science needs women and the world needs science especially if we are to confront the global challenges we are dealing with. It’s vital that we break down the barriers.

Help us raise awareness about the need to bring down the barriers to women and girls getting into science. One of the biggest barriers are the myths. Debunking the myths that girls do not like the sciences and other and gender stereotypes, along with investment in teacher trainings, gender-responsive technology and innovation can reverse these trends. We’re all worse off by not having more women and girls in science.

On February 11 share our social image with your friends and family – let the women and girls in your life know we need them in science! Find out more here and help start breaking down some myths.

Women in Science 2020

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