Hospital Pharmacists’ hours of work could be targeted

Rumours have started to filter back to the Union that the existing conditions for Pharmacists could be under attack. Specifically, rumours are suggesting that management may target the hours and days of work for hospital pharmacists.

If these rumours are true then negotiations for hospital pharmacists will become much more difficult.

But it’s clear from our public sector EBA survey that members don’t want to give up on their hard won conditions – in fact members made it clear they want the Union to fight hard to protect conditions.

Even though we only have rumours at this time, we have seen in the past efforts to have conditions for hospital pharmacists wound back. And the only way that we can stand up to efforts to wind back hard won pay and conditions is by having more members. By having more members we have more power to fight for your conditions. And by having more members we can stop management’s attacks on your profession.

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