Government signs off on agreement

15015_0203We have great news.

The Andrews Government has finally signed off on our agreement – at last!

It’s taken much longer than we’d hope to have the Government sign off. But now that it has finally happened it means the new agreement will be put to you to vote on soon.

We’re excited about the new agreement. We worked hard during negotiations to ensure the key issues that members like you highlighted were included in our new agreement. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Increase to wages of 3.25% each year over the 4 years
  • Good will payment of $750
  • Uplift to Grade 2 rates of pay
  • Additional annual leave – one week plus loading
  • Workforce management and leave replacement
  • Scientist progression from Grade 1 to Grade 2
  • Filling vacant positions
  • Rostering protocols
  • Overtime deeming
  • Use of other leave with parental leave and return to work from parental leave
  • Training and meetings during meal breaks
  • Family and Domestic Violence Leave
  • Higher duties

We will now organise meetings in workplaces to discuss the details of the agreement.

We look forward to sharing the details of our new agreement with you.

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