Go Home On Time Day

Do you find yourself working back late to do just one more thing, check one more email? Never enough hours in the day to do all the things you need or want to do? Feel stressed that you’re behind in your workload? Are work calls or emails getting in the way of enjoying free time?

National Go Home on Time Day is an initiative of The Australia Institute to start a serious conversation about the impact of poor work/life balance on our health, relationships and workplaces. The Day gives unions an opportunity to highlight the huge amount of unpaid overtime Australians work each year.

Life doesn’t need to revolve around work. Go Home on Time Day is your chance to win back some work/life balance.

More than a decade after then Prime Minister, John Howard, declared work-life balance to be a barbecue-stopper, overwork still presents a massive imposition on the personal and social wellbeing of many Australians.

It’s really easy to get involved in Go Home on Time Day and everyone can do it – when your shift at work is over you go home.

This year Go Home on Time Day will be celebrated on 20 November. Mark it in your calendar and start discussing it with your colleagues.

Find out more at http://www.gohomeontimeday.org.au.

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