Fight for our Rights – Day of Action

Our rights at work are again under attack from the Abbott Government and employers.

It has become crystal clear that the Productivity Commission inquiry into our rights at work could deliver a full-scale attack on penalty rates; the abolition of the minimum wage; unfair individual contracts brought back; and give even more power to employers.

We can’t stand by while the Abbott Government destroys our living standards by:

  • cutting wages, conditions and our rights at work,
  • slashing Medicare and hiking up the cost to see a doctor,
  • introducing $100,000 university degrees,
  • cutting the ABC and our public services,
  • cutting the pension and superannuation,
  • implementing harsh changes to unemployment benefits, and
  • cutting community services that support our most vulnerable.

It’s time to stand up and fight back is now!

Join us on 4 March to stand up for an Australia where seeing a doctor or going to university isn’t dependent on how big your bank balance is, where you have a secure job with a decent wage and where we don’t leave the next generation with less rights than we had.

Make sure you tell your friends, family and co-workers to join us. The bigger the crowd, the louder and stronger the message we send.

Sign up at:

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