Crisis in Pathology getting attention

easter_entitlementsSince launching our work to highlight the looming crisis in public pathology, we have really made an impact. And our work is getting attention within the Government and from the general community.

It’s true to say that most people don’t quite understand the vital work that scientists and technicians do in pathology labs. But most people understand the work you do is vital to the healthcare system and ensuring that Victorians enjoy world-class healthcare. And more people are being made aware of the fact that more than 80% of all patients in the public health system get their clinical diagnosis from a pathology test of one kind or another but funding cuts by successive State and Federal governments has resulted in more work and fewer scientists.

Unfortunately we know that some private pathology contractors are not interested in quality healthcare standards with evidence showing they’re stripping hospital laboratories of testing and scientists. The loss of local pathology testing can put other key clinical services at risk like emergency departments, obstetrics and oncology.

Even the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) warns of a global shortage of medical scientists to undertake the growing number of tests. But because of your work to highlight the looming crisis we’ve had a massive response to our petition. We’ve been meeting with Members of Parliament to discuss our concerns about the looming crisis. We even organised to have the State Member for Melbourne, Ellen Sandell, visit the pathology labs at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to raise her awareness of the big issues facing public pathology.

We now have over 400 people calling on the government to put a moratorium on the contracting out of public pathology services. And in the next sitting period of the Victorian Parliament we will be seeking to have our petition officially tabled and recognised.

It’s urgent we keep working to turn our State Government away from more contracting out of services like pathology. And now is a great time to be contacting your State Member of Parliament.

Download a handy guide to ringing your State Member of Parliament – Pathology in Crisis – Call your MP

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