Creating better healthcare in Victoria

The result from this year’s State election was very, very clear – Victorians want governments that prioritise health and education over fear and hate. While all the votes are still to be counted it is clear that we will have another Andrews Labor government in Victoria.

Now the hard work of holding this government to account starts.

It will be vital that we pursue a range of key issues, especially the increase in staff numbers across all of our disciplines. And we will be making it our business to ensure that new Members of Parliament know about the Union, the work we do and the issues that you have and how to make your work-life balance better. We will also make sure that the Andrews government lives up to the promises made during the election to:

  • Build a new hospital at Footscray ($1.5 billion)
  • Build a new women and children’s maternity hospital in Geelong
  • Build 10 new community hospitals
  • Build seven new early parenting centres and upgrade 2 existing centres
  • Expansion of the RCH
  • Establish separate children’s EDs in 5 major hospitals
  • Royal Commission into mental health
  • Boost ambulance services

With the expansion of health services across Victoria it will be vital that there are commensurate increases in staff numbers to properly deal with the subsequent increase in demand. We know that the demands of and in all health services are massive and continues to grow; putting ever-increasing additional pressure on all of you. We also know the impact this has on your health and well-being; and your ability to have a good work-life balance.

The Union will continue to work with the government, and new Health Minister, Jenny Mikakos, on finding solutions to improving workplace conditions and addressing the very real shortages in staff across our disciplines. We will continue to press for a bank of medical scientists and pharmacists and we will continue to advocate for much greater investment in our state’s psychologists and mental health programs. Indeed one of the first things we are doing is writing to all new Members of Parliament to make sure they know about the Union and the issues important to our members.

We look forward to working with you to hold the Andrews government to account over the next four years to create even better healthcare and healthy careers.

Paul Elliott

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