Climate change is one of the most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges we face, and Australians will be hit hard if we do not respond with urgent and decisive action to reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency and support the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Paris Summit is turning the world’s attention to climate change once again. It is an important to reflect on the unity across Australian society in the demand for a planned and just transition to a fair and clean economy.

Unions have been working hard at both national and international levels to develop real, workable and equitable solutions to this major problem. And Unions are determined that adjusting to a low pollution economy must focus on support for emission-intensive and trade-exposed industries, measures to protect existing jobs, programs to attract investment in clean energy and production, and assistance to low income households.

Some industries and regional economies will be impacted more acutely than others. It is imperative that these communities are assisted to successfully adapt their industries and build new ones to ensure decent living standards, job opportunities and services continue to thrive in these areas. We must start identifying and prioritising the green skills development, knowledge and work needed for a low pollution economy.

And working in the health industry we are already seeing the impacts of climate change with more extreme weather events. We know that people’s health will be impacted with longer periods of hot weather; and as some tropical diseases reach further south. We’re already seeing people under great mental strain as a result of climate change; and a generation of young people dealing with stress and anxiety about their future.

Because climate change is union business, the Union has endorsed and is supporting the People’s Climate March.

Peoples Climate March

People’s Climate March – Melbourne

The People’s Climate March will be held across Australia on 27-29 November.

Over that weekend, People’s Climate Marches will take place in hundreds of major cities around the world with the goal of creating a massive mobilisation to call for real action on climate change. And it comes at a crucial time when the world’s leaders and diplomats are in Paris to negotiate the kind of cuts and assistance required to make deep cuts in our emissions.

The Melbourne march will be at 5.30pm on Friday 27 November.

A coalition of unions, environmental and other organisations is being built to facilitate the march.

Make sure you join our contingent to help send a message to Australian and the world’s leaders that we want and must take urgent action to avoid a global climate catastrophe.

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