Changes at work? Here's some quick advice

15015_0203Are there changes being implemented in your workplace? Are you being told that ‘things will change’ this year?

We’re asking because members have been letting the Union know that some employers have been trying to implement changes that have a significant impact on them – before going through the necessary process of consultation with members and the Union.

And consultation means much more than someone in management or human resources forwarding a ‘memo’ or an email.

Consultation requires management, before implementing a change, to provide information and details of proposed changes in writing and then to consult with employees and their representatives (MSAV/AHP/VPA) regarding measures to mitigate or reduce the impact of any proposed changes on the employees who will be adversely affected by the change. Consultation must occur before any change is implemented.

Adverse impacts include restructuring of jobs; changes in skills required; alteration of hours of work; redeployment; redundancy; transfer; and workloads.

Consultation also means management being open to changing their position in the light of information being provided and discussions. Consultation does not mean lip service – such as having a meeting and then going ahead with what was planned anyway.

The consultation process is even more important in proposed changes where redundancies are planned.

So if you’re being advised of changes at your work then let us know as soon as possible, so you and your work colleagues can be properly represented.

Knowing your rights is important.

— Paul Elliott

Executive Officer


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