Change the Rules National T-shirt Day

2019 is a massive year for the Change the Rules campaign.

Australia needs a pay rise and jobs we can count on but to Change the Rules and bring back the fair go, we need to change the government in 2019. You can be part of making that happen.

For the first national Change the Rules activity, on Saturday 2nd February union members and campaign activists right around Australia are showing their union pride by taking part in Change the Rules t-shirt day.

Here’s how you can be part of it

  1. Wear your Change the Rules t-shirt on Saturday 2nd February 2019.
  2. Take a selfie and post to social media with #changetherules and #proudtobeunion. Get your family, your mates and your pets in the photo too! Make your Facebook and Instagram posts public we can all see you all looking awesome in your t-shirts.

When you’re out in your local community on Saturday 2nd Feb and you spot someone in Change the Rules t-shirt, don’t forget to give them a smile and a finger gun salute. Pew, pew.

This is just the first Change the Rules national activity this year, and the Union will be running a number of activities across workplaces and in conjunction with other unions.

Join the Change the Rules campaign here:

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