BREAKING NEWS: Welcome back to the table

Congratulations on everybody’s resolve and contribution to a successful campaign to get the government and the VHIA back to the negotiating table.

Further discussions have finally taken place in relation to the renewal of the public sector enterprise bargaining agreement, and substantial progress has been made. We will be seeking the immediate assistanc e of Commissioner Gregory in conferences in Fair Work Australia (FWA) to resolve a small number of outstanding matters.

We feel confident that these few outstanding matters can be resolved expeditiously, and that we will be in a position to be able to recommend a settlement to members soon.

At this stage we do not have dates for the FWA conferences.

We will keep you informed, and a members’ meeting will be arranged as soon as possible after finalisation of the negotiations for members to consider the terms of the settlement.

As a sign of good faith, strike action is being suspended effective from Friday (2 Nov), and we are recommending that members immediately lift all work bans and other forms of industrial action while the agreement is being concluded.

Please suspend all industrial action immediately.

Well done to all members who have taken industrial action during this unnecessarily protracted period of disputation. It really kept the pressure on.

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