Change the Rules

The rules that once made Australian workplaces fair are broken.

With inequality at 70 year highs, wage growth the lowest on record and 40% of people now in insecure work, our union, together with the ACTU and Australia’s other unions have launched a campaign to change the rules for working people.

The rules are broken so let’s change the rules!

As we build the campaign we will keep adding more content, resources and ways you can get involved.

Australia Needs a Pay Rise Rally – 23 October

On Tuesday 23 October we joined with over 160,000 other workers in Melbourne to rally for a pay rise and to tell the Morrison Government that we will change the rules that prevent workers from getting the pay and conditions we deserve.

Check out some of pictures we took during the rally

Pay Rise Rally 8Pay Rise Rally 7




Tell your Story

To win support for our plan to give Australia a pay rise, we need to tell the stories of working people dealing with today’s cost of living pressures.

Share your story about the impact low wage growth has had on your life by calling 1300 486 466 or you can submit your story online here.

Working people need rights at work that give them the power to win fair pay rises. Your story is powerful and can help build public support for our plan to change the rules.

Tell your story this week and invite your friends, family and co-workers to share their stories too!

Hold Workplace Meetings

For us to Change the Rules it’s vital we make sure that our colleagues are with us. And the best way to ensure that our colleagues are with us is to hold workplace meetings to discuss the Change the Rules campaign and why it’s so important.

Workplace meetings are an opportunity to discuss the big issues we face at work, why the rules are broken and what we’re going to do to change the rules.

Interested in hosting a workplace meeting? Sign up here to host your workplace meeting!

Volunteer Events

Victorian Trades Hall and their great volunteers have organised a bunch of events to speak to Victorian’s about changing the rules and what’s at stake at this year’s state election.

Check out the events that are on near you and sign up at:

Campaign Resources

Looking for some information to share with your colleagues? Download these resources to share:

Gender Equality

Fair Pay


Secure Work

Young Workers

TV Commercial

Check out the Change the Rules TV commercial below then share it with your friends, family and colleagues >> Big business has too much power


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